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Lobbyist Reports

Withheld from most of the Trustees, these are the Lobbyist Reports that were sent to the Village of Tinley Park from Springfield over the last 4 years. These were obtained from the Village via FOIA request W016103-013117, and we now share them with you, the taxpayers of Tinley Park who payed for them:

Lobbyist Reports

Status and Information Reports

Prior to May 2016, Tinley Park Trustees and Plan Commissioners relied on the Planning Department’s Status & Information reports to know which potential projects were being developed in Tinley Park. We acquired these Status and Information Reports via FOIA request. Despite their confidential nature, the Planning Department did not elect to mention the Reserve as a potential project until November 2015, well after Legacy Code Text Amendments were passed that benefited the project. Why was the Reserve left off these reports until after the Text Amendments passed?

June 2015 Status & Information Report

July 2015 Status & Information Report

August 2015 Status & Information Report

September 2015 Status & Information Report

October 2015 Status & Information Report

November 2015 Status & Information Report